Punit Soni谈联想收购后的摩托罗拉

Punit Soni谈联想收购后的摩托罗拉


Punit Soni

Vice President, Product Management (直译︰产品管理部门副经理)

很多人都对联想收购摩托罗拉后的走向产生疑问。摩托罗拉的Punit Soni在最近一次现场访谈中解释清楚并回答了一些软件方面的提问,当中有一些值得注意的细节。如果你没有参加直播,这里有回顾︰

Soni谈及了摩托罗拉的软件策略,他认为高速的升级对他和公司都十分重要。声控和搜寻功能都是摩托罗拉的重心,而且这些功能会持续改进,很有可能在未来超越Google Now的限制。Soni也在问答环节回应了一些请求,例如Assist中的工作模式和手机休眠时的低电量开关等。



A lot of us have been skeptical about what is to become of Motorola Mobility when Lenovo finishes up acquiring them from Google. Motorola’s Punit Soni sat down to clear some things up and field software-related questions from a live audience recently, and a couple noteworthy details emerged. In case you were not able to join in the festivities live, we have compiled the main points down below.

Soni talked up Motorola’s software strategy, stating that incredibly fast updates are important to him and Motorola in general. He stated that voice commands and searching are big parts of Motorola’s focus, and that they will continue to improve, possibly pushing beyond the boundaries of Google Now in the future. Soni noted a couple of requests that came up during the live Q&A, such as a Work mode in Motorola Assist and a switch to a low-power state while a phone is asleep.

The elephant in the room, almost undeniably, is whether Motorola will be staying committed to the same strategy with their Android skin once Lenovo takes over. Soni says Motorola has no plans to stray from their pure Android strategy, although he didn’t reference OS update speed specifically. All things said, while there are still things to be cleared up with Lenovorola, we are starting to see that Motorola wants to try to maintain their identity.
When asked about what is ahead with the Lenovo acquisition, the exec stated that Lenovo brings a lot to the table, and that this means wonders for Asian market presence.

Finally, we are told that we will be seeing more of these Hangouts in the future, as Motorola wants to remain open and communicate with consumers. It looks like Motorola is still in great shape to me, even with the Lenovo acquisition on the horizon, but what say you?

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